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We perform any amount of agricultural work on any location of the country. Only high-quality work in every season of the year!

One of the main activities of our company is to provide a wide range of agro-work services. A large staff of experienced agronomists at the professional level will plan your work in agricultural enterprises. The most responsible workers will make the field work at any scale. The company’s specialists will plan the sequence of work on the basis of landscape, weather and priorities. With the help of GPS marking fields we achieve high quality and very fast execution of works. We are one of the top global companies in the provision of services for tillage, planting, harvesting and shipping.

Our fleet of agricultural machines enables us to carry out any work in any weather. We use the latest models of agricultural machinery production of world famous brands such as Claas, Deutz Fahr, John Deere, Massey Ferguson. In addition, we have a poultry farm. Here are cultivated several species of birds – chickens, turkeys and ducks. The best breeds are fed forages elite. Fresh air, crystal water and proper upkeep mode allows us to grow a great product.

Agriculture – our favorite thing

Spring is the most busy time. Starting active treatment of the land, prepare the ground for planting, processing, preparation of seeds and seedlings, etc. By the beginning of sowing seeds and agricultural equipment produced by 100%.

Adamas Corp. offers a full list of the spring agricultural works:

  • seed potatoes, sunflower, radish
  • sowing spring barley, wheat, peas
  • seeding of grain and crops
  • sowing spring barley, wheat, peas

Professional operators
Powerful machinery
Powerful and reliable equipment
High quality results

In summer, our company is engaged in providing services related to harvesting. The most powerful and productive harvesters working in the fields. Excellent economical machines by brand, Massey Ferguson and New Holland allow the harvest with minimal losses.

Adamas Corp. carries out all list of summer agricultural work:

  • wheat harvest
  • harvesting of spring
  • sunflower harvest
  • harvesting of rape and corn crop

Experienced operators
Specialized machinery
GPS routing
Maximum harvest

In the autumn of our company is willing to carry out the planned agricultural operation. It’s time to clean up the fields dried out with straw bales and rolls. To do this, we have some special machines. Also, it’s time tillage. The soil is plowed before winter for sealing residue.

Adamas Corp. company provides services sowing of winter crops.

  • cleaning straw from fields
  • plowing the soil
  • sowing of winter crops

Straw cleaning
Plowing the soil
Sowing of winter crops
Chemical treatment

Winter is the time when you should use a pause and tidy his farm. In winter, we provide equipment repair services, preparation of forage for your farm, manure piece, repair of buildings. Preparations for the spring – an important period! For more details, please refer to our experts.

Winter – the time of preparation for the spring!

  • machinery repairs
  • seed preparation
  • building repairs
  • manure cleaning
  • garbage removal

Straw cleaning
Schedule machinery
Feeding cattle
Grounds maintenance

Good harvest – our common task



President of Adamas Corp.

The result of our work together will be a great harvest. Our company is focused on the comprehensive field work. We guarantee that Adamas Corp. as the contractor will make every effort that you have received the maximum yield from their fields.


Our fleet of agricultural machinery

Company Adamas Corp. have one of the largest parks of agricultural machinery in the country. So we are ready to carry out any agricultural work at any time of the year.

Tillage equipment

Tillage equipment – a wide range of agricultural machinery, components and tools, with which there is mechanization or automation of processes to improve productivity and efficiency of agricultural operations.

Cultivation equipment used for seedbed preparation, it is isolated plows, harrows, cultivators.

Machines for harvesting

Harvesters and harvesting equipment – a wide range of agricultural machinery, components and tools, with which there is mechanization or automation of processes to increase productivity and efficiency of field harvesting.

Modern technology is the guarantor of the harvest with small losses.

Tractors with trailers

With the help of tractors and dump semitrailers produced transport harvested crop to the storage location.

Power tractors, as well as the volumes of body semitrailers, it depends on the area harvest. Our experts will recommend you the necessary equipment.

Our prices


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Tillage work

Soil plowing
$50 per hectare

Plowing the soil is crucial. Preparation of the soil in spring before planting or autumn after harvesting operation is very necessary. We offer services of plowing. We work with all types of soil. Plowing produces equipment Gregoire Besson.


Soil cultivation
$65 per hectare

Cultivation of the soil helps protect against weeds, improve aeration and hydrogenation of the upper layers. The cultivator is working on preparing the soil before planting, as well as for the treatment of crops.


Soil tillage harrow
$42 per hectare

Soil tillage harrow – a type of tillage agricultural machinery, which is intended for surface tillage: loosening, crumbling clods, weed control, seed and fertilizer, the decimation of crops, destruction of soil crust.


Soil tillage chisel
$37 per hectare

Chisel – an agricultural machine designed for soil preparation work – loosening the lower layers of soil, frozen or hard soil, rock and clay. Chisel working depth up to 75 cm.

Planting work

Sowing of crops
$30 per hectare

Crops sowing services produced by pneumatic drills and Kuhn Gaspardo. Number of rows to 29. At the same time produced fertilizer. We sow – wheat, corn, rapeseed, sunflower, buckwheat, rice.


Sowing and planting vegetable seedlings
$15 per hectare

The service includes the planting of crop vegetables – potatoes, beets, cabbage. We also produce a landing tomato seedlings, pepper and tobacco.


Spreading soil fertilizers
$27 per hectare

In agriculture, there are three basic ways to spreaders: continuous method (used for making large doses of fertilizer, up to 60 t / ha, fertilizers, plows are sealed); foliar application (included on grain crops and grasses, fertilizers into the soil is not closed up and absorbed by plants after precipitation); subsurface method (used in conjunction with the sowing or planting, as well as dressing).


Watering and irrigation
$12 per hectare

Water spraying farmland, fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides and other agricultural chemical solutions in order to destroy the weeds and pests for crop conservation, and for soil moisture.


Harvesting grain
$42 per hectare

Combine harvester performs at the same time a continuous range of activities: culture cuts, supplies it to the threshing drum, threshing grain from the ears, separates the wheat from the heap, and other impurities, conveys clean grain into the hopper and provides mechanical unloading grain from the hopper to the specified location.


Sunflower harvesting
$37 per hectare

Sunflower harvesting device – a type of harvesting agricultural equipment, designed for mowing and subsequent processing of sunflower. Sunflower harvesting equipment provided: cut the plants, seeds of the baskets threshing, separation heap, collecting seeds in the hopper, grinding threshed baskets together with stems, collecting them in a vehicle or spreading on the field.


Cleaning of forage crops
$29 per hectare

Forage harvesters are mainly used for hay. Also, this technique is used for the production of grass meal and silage, depending on the treated crop harvesters are equipped stone cleaning reaper solid cut harvesting grasses, streams or drum – for tall crops, as well as pick-up.


Potato harvesting
$37 per hectare

Potato harvesting, should be performed as soon as it will be ready. In order to determine its degree of ripeness, it is necessary to conduct a small trial digging. According to the rules, early potatoes, it is necessary to clean when it tubers, tubers or most, be 3 cm in diameter and not less than this size.

Post-harvest work

Mowing of cultivated and naturally growing herbs
$30 per hectare

In modern mower is adjusted huge number of requirements, which are an indicator of the effectiveness of the work: it is the height of cut mower, where tolerance of 1 cm; the quality of the mower cutting the stems should be cut without breaking, crushing and pulling; purity strip after moldboard boards, this band should not be mown grass; quality of the swath, grass cuttings should be evenly distributed over the ground in swaths; uniform stubble height, do not cut off part of the stem should be the same.


Forage harvesting hay
$33 per hectare

Straw handling and hay – tedding, fluffing, thinning the purpose of aeration workpieces and stacks, mowing sowing and naturally growing grass collection previously harvested hay rolls and forming them, depending on the type of the working body, the rollers cubic or cylindrical shape, and subsequent tying finished rolls. The blank includes a stowage dried to 50-55% and milled to 3 cm mass in the tower, or other sealed structures.

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